Benefits of Renting a Golf Cart on the Jersey Shore

Carts over Cars! 9 out of 10 smiling Jersey Shore people agree Golf Carts are the way to go!

Pat Bastian

Carts over cars, 9 out of 10 smiling Jersey Shore People Agree golf carts are the way to go!

More and more shore goers leave their cars in park and switch to electric golf carts to navigate the Jersey Shore in an open-air style. Electric golf carts provide ease of mobility to and from restaurants, shopping, and the beach and boardwalk. Electric vehicle rental companies like Orange Moose Golf Carts provide fun and dynamic transportation choices for people looking to explore New Jersey’s beach communities.

Take In That Panoramic Chill

Travelers of far and wide seek out the Jersey Shore for its seemingly restorative powers and undoubtedly relaxing atmosphere. The iodine, salt, and magnesium present in sea air can reduce asthma symptoms, promote respiratory health, improve allergies and skin problems, and stimulate the immune system. Many vacationers and shore residents alike choose to boost their connection to their coastal environment through the use of open-air electric golf carts.

Orange Moose Golf Cart Rentals Wildwoods

The sights and sounds of the shore seem to pop more from the seats of these electric, low-speed vehicles. Yearly vacationers like the ease and comfort of packing up their family and their beach gear in an Orange Moose golf cart rental and taking in those undeniable vibes found up and down the New Jersey coastline.

Cars and Trucks Kill The Mood

Driving at the shore in the summer can be a major bummer. No one likes the stop-and-go traffic, the tight parking spaces, or the general annoyances that come traveling around a beach town in a hot car. Also, gas prices can be a nightmare-inducing thought when calculating a family beach vacation. With an electric, low-speed vehicle, you can trade in the long lines and high prices at the gas pump for a fun and affordable option.

A fully-charged battery keeps electric, low-speed vehicles going for an average of around 20 miles!

Bringing It All Home (Except the Sand)

One significant advantage of switching to a leisurely mode of transportation like a 6-passenger Bintelli Beyond Golf Cart is that it saves the inevitable sandy traces of summer from sticking around the car for an extended stay. Drying off in the rays of the sun on an open-air ride home from the beach is a simple path to the good life.

The “cool” factor of going electric with a golf cart rental never fails to get kids and adults alike excited to get ready for a trip around town or to the beach in record time.

Families who frequent the shore often are part of the growing community of electric golf cart enthusiasts. They know golf carts are a fun accessible mode of transportation that is here to stay.

Reserve your golf cart today!

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