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Brothers Rich and Pat grew up vacationing at the Jersey Shore. For as long as they could remember, the Bastian Family would load up the car, all five siblings in tow, and drive down the Shore every summer.  As time went on, Rich & Pat saw more families traveling to the Shore; they decided to take the opportunity to fulfill their dream of owning a business down the Shore. In 2021, they launched Orange Moose Golf Carts. The name Orange Moose was an easy decision for the Bastian boys. Their sister Norine adored the color Orange, which became a significant part of her fight against cancer in 2019. As for "Moose," that was their father's workplace nickname. The name Orange Moose is a tribute to both their father and sister.  Rich & Pat are excited to offer the level of service people expect when they go on vacation and are very proud to represent their family!

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What started as just Orange Moose Golf Carts in 2021 developed into Orange Moose Golf Carts & Adventures in 2022 when the Bastian boys realized there were so many other transportation options that could enhance a customer's vacation experience. Electric bikes & Electric Scooters were added alongside the Golf Cart fleet to allow people to see much more of the Shore without getting in their cars. There is nothing like the joy of riding a bike at the Shore, and Electric Bikes allow the rider to explore everything they want to see in a less strenuous fashion. Orange Moose also added Mobility Scooters for customers who have trouble walking or are physically disabled but want to experience everything the Shore offers.

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You finally got down the Shore after two pitstops and 15 "when are we going to get theres?" from the kids in the backseat. You still need to unpack, pick up some groceries and make the absolutely necessary run to the liquor store. The last thing you want to do is get back in your car to drop someone off to get the Golf Cart. Let us deliver the Golf Cart to you for a nominal fee so you can get your vacation started. Call to get more details about our delivery service!

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With offices in Wildwood and Cape May, Orange Moose can seamlessly handle any rental requests in Wildwood, Cape May, Stone Harbor, or Avalon. Our carts are thoroughly cleaned & inspected after every rental so you can have peace of mind that you are renting top-notch equipment. You will be trained in the use and safety of the Golf Cart, and we will answer any questions or concerns before you drive away.

If you want this summer's family vacation to be fun and memorable, it is really true when we say: No Excuse...Ride the Moose!
Orange Moose golf Carts & Adventures

Wildwood, NJ

3200 Park Boulevard
Wildwood, NJ 08260


(609) 849 8259

Orange Moose golf Carts & Adventures

Cape May, NJ

110 Park Boulevard
West Cape May, NJ 08204


(609) 305 4566

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