Gas vs. Electric Golf Carts

Why Electric Golf Carts are the greenest way to cruise the Jersey Shore and beyond!

Pat Bastian

Why Electric Golf Carts are the greenest way to cruise the Jersey Shore

We all play a small part in keeping our environment safe, even on vacation. Whether picking up trash or simply picking up after our pets, we take pride in keeping our shore communities pristine and beautiful. Golf carts provide convenient open-air transportation, which allows us to take in sights and sounds of the beach in comfort. 

Carbon Emissions

Still, traditional gas-powered carts emit deadly carbon monoxide, threatening the environment we know and love. Electric carts provide a safer, environmentally-friendly alternative without sacrificing speed, comfort, or style. 

Unlike traditional golf carts, which rely on polluting gasoline engines for power, Orange Moose has a fleet of Bintelli Beyond 6-person carts, which use a rechargeable electric motor. That means no more costly fill-ups or smelly exhaust. Simply charge your cart at the end of the night, and you’ll be cruising in style in the morning, which not only protects our environment but your family’s health. We all know the ill effects of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses on the environment. Electric vehicles, golf carts included, produce zero carbon emissions, which means better air quality and a safer shore. 

But carbon dioxide is not the only danger of a gas engine. These engines also create carbon monoxide. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can cause long-term health complications in people of all ages. The motors on Orange Moose carts are carbon-neutral, protecting you and your loved ones from heart disease, neurological complications, and other serious health problems.

Noise Pollution

In addition to serving as an eco-friendly alternative, electric carts cut down one other critical, often-overlooked pollutant: noise. Golf carts are an open-air experience, making them an appealing choice for beach-goers; they allow riders to move from place to place while being surrounded by their environment, whether that’s the course or the coast. 

Gas-powered combustion engines are loud and disruptive, taking you away from the natural ambiance of your surroundings. Orange Moose carts, by comparison, are quiet cruisers—they can reach top speed and barely make a sound. These carts keep you focused on the scenery and limit the intrusive distraction of engine noise. 

Electric golf carts, like those offered by Orange Moose, allow us to enjoy our time at the beach in style while protecting our loved ones, the air we breathe, and the shore we love.

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